The Ultimate Review of The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack: All You Need to Know about the Crafty DLC


+ Diverse item list

+ Excellent gameplay

+ Fun extras

– There could be more items

The latest Stuff Pack is a result of working with what people have chosen. Electronic Arts presented the newest theme for people to vote online before they released the Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. And, admittedly, it was a great idea.

This DLC is $10; it offers a new Create-a-Sim item together with a Build item and a new skill. It also has an original knitting aspiration for Sims. The game was lacking in this area, as sims don’t usually have aspirations (or life goals) for hobbies. If you’re new to Sims’ world, fulfilling your character’s aspiration can be your goal in the game. Once you achieve it, your sim gains a unique trait.

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Your Sim can be a firefighter or scientist by day, and a knitter by night. It’s up to you whether you want to focus on your aspiration goals or to climb the career ladder as fast as you can. It feels realistic and enjoyable, but the game doesn’t offer too many of such options. Similar hobbies, for example, woodworking, give you the possibility for growth and even unlocking new items that you can sell. But there are no aspiration goals to achieve, so your success in other hobbies isn’t rewarded as much.

Similar to lots of other fans, I frequently think that the build items (like furniture, decorations, etc.) feel somewhat funny. The Sims 4 is well-known for prioritizing bright and unusual items to simple but necessary basics.

With that said, Nifty Knitting isn’t too crazy in this regard. You can find simple desks and chairs with many color swatches if you’d like them to match particular color schemes. Mixing and matching this DLC’s items with the items from other DLCs or base game options is effortless. They all look cohesive together.


In this DLC, there are some new hairstyles, too. The short androgynous looks complement several Sims styles, and I really liked that one of them involves graying roots. A 50s-style bob is also fun. Children can wear all of these hairstyles, except for the graying look. I’m wondering why more styles aren’t accessible at every age.

The more you knit, the more craftables you unlock, like sweaters, beanies, hanging planters, socks, and even some decorations. All of these things add an unusual flair to the game, and it’s very satisfying to make your own rug instead of buying one. It’s also an option to knit onesies for babies, which is excellent because the choice for those ages is minimal.

Of course, if your Sim knits a lot, they will end up making many more items than they could use. You can sell the stuff you don’t need on Plopsy (the Sims version of Etsy), but you won’t necessarily get much money or sometimes even get a buyer.

All the rights belong to the original creator of the content

Our opinion

This expansion is an excellent one. The Sims 4 couldn’t get the price of the expansions quite right in the past, but Nifty Knitting hits the sweet spot. That’s a meaningful extension to the game at a pretty low $10 price.

Any alternatives?

Every DLC Pack is unique, but if you want something similar, check out Laundry Day – this is another pack that was made with the help of fan voting. Tiny Living is a good option, too. Cats and Dogs or Seasons are great as well, so it’s really about what you want from the game; everyone can find a suitable version for them.

How long will it work?

Sims DLC is supposed to last for as long as the game itself does, which means for as long as you play it. Nifty Knitting is simple to include during plays, and this gives it longer shelf life.

Is it worth buying?

Absolutely. Nifty Knitting is our addition to the list of must-haves.

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