Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator


A beautiful town in a foreign country with great beaches and beautiful girls – our lockdown dream.

The game Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator (available on Google Play and App Store) starts with your character going on a vacation to a foreign country, but there’s a problem – he’s all alone. What can await him after landing? A cute flight attendant gives your character hope that the vacation will be fun (spoiler alert: it will).

The developers of the game knew exactly what we want during the pandemic which made us all stay at home 24/7. The game is set in a town with great architecture and gorgeous sea with turquoise water which you can see on the background during dialogues. Already perfect, and we haven’t talked about the game itself!

In Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator you get exactly what the name suggests: puzzles and a dating simulator. Let’s talk about the latter first. You meet girls on your tropical adventure, you talk to them to persuade them to go on a date with you. It’s quite a refreshing feature that you get immediate reactions from them – don’t expect them to receive all your phrases with great enthusiasm, you have to think before saying anything. Also, in order to succeed in dating life, you have to work on your personality in the game-enhancing your humor, intellect, and so on (just like in real life). That’s not to say that everything is too realistic – gorgeous girls are pretty easy to date here.

During the dates, you’re supposed to solve puzzles, where you have to connect crystals of the same color. If you play well, you might get special crystals that erase a whole row. After each successful date, you get a photo of the girl you’ve been on a date with which you can access anytime in your phone in the game.


The gameplay is very smooth; you go from solving puzzles to talking to girls so seamlessly, that you might lose track of time. While playing, you can hear nice music in the background which adds up to an overall tropical vibe.

In the game, there is a colorful map with different locations and girls you’ve met there. It clearly indicates your progress in the game and shows how many more fun adventures are awaiting you! You can’t rotate the map, make it bigger or smaller, but it doesn’t spoil this feature of the game.

The one thing that is important to stress separately is the beautiful artwork. You don’t get to see the surrounding world too much, but it’s compensated by the characters that were created with great attention to detail, not only in what concerns their appearance (which is done very well) but their personalities as well. By the way, you can upgrade their traits just like yours, which is not too typical for the games of this genre. One girl, Mika, the flight attendant your character met first, was mentioned by people in their reviews on Google Play, where they said that her personality is very nice. Another feature of Passion Puzzle which was complemented by the players is voiceover. Rightfully so – the people who did the voiceover are really talented.


All in all, this game suits you perfectly if you want to play a fun summer game which is all about solving puzzles and dates with pretty girls.  

Download Passion Puzzle: Dating Simulator on Google Play or App Store

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