Call of Duty: Mobile Review

Call of Duty: Mobile Review


Call of Duty on mobile is an unusual version of the renowned mobile gaming Call of Duty series. It exemplifies Activision’s effort to mark the overflowing, hard-to-crack mobile market for the long term. Its multiplayer modes and full battle royale are remarkable even though it does not include a campaign. However, being a free-to-play game, the microtransactions are frequently mentioned, but, fortunately, they can be dismissed easily.

Besides, the touch screen control lacks precision and speed and demands using the fingers, thus, hiding parts of the screen, which is noticeably not comparable to a controller nor to a keyboard and mouse. All the same, aiming and firing in Call of Duty: Mobile is still enjoyable, although the movement can be conflicting with the virtual left control stick. Moreover, sneaking and queuing up the gunsight function well, and so does grabbing a weapon and firing back in the opposite situation. Leaping through windows, bending to hide, throwing grenades, and other complex movements are not as easy because of the numerous icons hovering on the screen, rendering the interface unpleasant, crowded, and difficult to manage the main inconvenience to control soldiers. There is probably no other choice since Call of Duty: Mobile, oddly enough, does not support a controller as a possible option.

However, iOS and Android both allow the use of standard Bluetooth controllers.

At any rate, Call of Duty: Mobile is still relatively impressive, with great views and weapons, surprisingly detailed soldiers, and many pieces of debris all around.

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The most outstanding aspect of Call of Duty: Mobile is undoubtedly the battle royale mode, which represents a concise form of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode. It offers both first and third-person playing modes with equivalent advantages and smooth gaming without bugs or slowdowns. Despite its narrower map and fewer matches compared to its counterparts, Call of Duty: Mobile’s battle royale still provides the entertaining scenarios anticipated from this genre.


Call of Duty: Mobile Modes

Call of Duty: Mobile Modes
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Although the other classical multiplayer modes of Call of Duty are enjoyable, they are widespread, and you always play against A.I enemies. While Team Deathmatch is simple, Domination revolves around seizing particular areas, and Search and Destroy is strategical and requires placing and disarming explosives. Frontline, on the other hand, is a fun variant of Team Deathmatch.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free game aside from some model-related paywalls, which are not that irritating.

It reminds you regularly that real money can be used to unlock new items, and dismissing the reminders every time can be annoying. However, monetary investment is not necessary and only quickens the pace of upgrades and unlocks.


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It is possible to gain credits and obtain certain guns by playing for free, but still, you will have to watch video ads regularly to unlock some items. Players can also spend real money to buy points for upgrades, weapons, and other items that depend mainly on personal preference.

The significantly important point is that players are grouped with equal opponents to avoid unfair advantages resulting from spending real money, not to mention that free upgrades improve weapons gradually.


Call of Duty: Mobile is the finest product ever of the giant franchise on a touchscreen framework; its gaming path is satisfactory and offers different modes like the battle royale to leap through levels even without spending a dime. Nonetheless, even though it is impressive, the fact that it does not support Bluetooth controllers is a weak point compared to its console and PC peers.

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