Sports Games 2020

Best Sports Games 2020


Both fans of sports and gaming can appreciate the great combination of the two – sports video games. These are the perfect opportunities to participate in competitive sports, as anything is available, starting from football, basketball, golf, or racing. High-quality, cutting-edge games will hold the full attention of yours and will offer a great deal of enjoyment from playing any sports game of your choice. So, without further ado, here is our selection of top-notch sports games to entertain you this year.    

Madden NFL 20

One of the most famous and recognizable sports game series, Madden NFL, continues to please fans of its renowned legacy. Madden League 20 made its appearance a continuer of traditions of the games devoted to the American football and its management. This time more than fifty players have new Superstar X-Factor Zone abilities that enable you to fight your opponents even more efficiently while Ultimate Team Missions will provide you with fantasy football experience. Want to be in charge of your career both on and off the field? The QB1 story mode will give you the chance to pursue a career as a quarterback from College to NFL and make big decisions. 

PES 2020

Every aspect of the football game got special attention from the creators of the PES games. The creators’ desire to make an authentic representation of the game resulted in the fact that PES 2020 is an excellent football sim. Gameplay was changed to give even more realistic imitation of matches. Another great benefit is the highly realistic depiction of both players and stadium audiences possible due to the use of powerful 3D scanning technology. Great responsiveness and increased animation quality are also among recent upgrades. 

NHL 20

NHL 20 should please many with its considerable improvements compared to the previous versions, which were often criticized for being inferior to many other representatives of the sports game genre. Numerous modes are here to satisfy various needs: in Hockey Ultimate Team mode, you can fight for rewards with teams consisting of NHL professional players, while Superstar Signature Shots allow you to try out your favorite star athlete’s signature moves. 


UFC 3, with more than five thousand brand-new fighting animation elements, powered by EA SPORTS’ Real Player Motion technology, is a shining example of a quality sports game. Fights feel smooth and realistic as never before – a key feature for a game of this genre. Another benefit is the possibility for players to fight as real UFC stars, each having their signature style. Also possible is to create your fighter and pave the way to the top, overcoming all the obstacles on your way. 


MLB The Show 19

MLB The Show 19 is a great option for huge fans of baseball. A great number of modes are here to keep up with the demand of the pickiest gamers. Always wanted to feel like one of the greatest baseball stars? The brand-new Moments mode will come in handy. While a career Road to the Show mode, another great idea, allows you to create a new original soon-to-be legend. 

TGC 2019 featuring PGA Tour

TGC 2019 is perfect for real golf enthusiasts. Genuine experience and user-friendly controls combined with a clear interface, authentic lifelike physics and numerous single- and multiplayer modes, create enjoyable gameplay, unique for every player. The game is ready to meet the needs of the pickiest and the most demanding players with the ability to design interesting courses, earn virtual prizes, or get higher and higher ranks. 

F1 2019

The Formula 1 universe will unfold in racing sports game F1 2019. At your disposal are all official drivers and teams, along with the circuits. Experience fierce and high-speed racings become a part of championship events in the career mode, which will give you a chance to build up your career and compete with others – your reputation is at stake. Simulation becomes even more believable with top-notch lighting effects and a wide choice of official Formula 1 cars. 


Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces are what you need if you are into refreshing and enjoyable pastime: quite easy controls, numerous single- and multiplayer modes, including Adventure one with the ability to unlock new characters or courts. Taking into account the fact that Mario Tennis Aces is only for Switch, it’s a great chance to take advantage of the motion control feature for more exciting gameplay.

Super Mega Baseball 2

Longing for a baseball sim? Due to its user-friendly controls and difficulty level options, the Super Mega Baseball games are suitable both for experienced players and beginners. You can also easily customize the game to meet your needs: choose everything starting from your team logo and uniform, to the league and the appearance of players. Despite its cartoonish visuals, the game still feels pretty realistic when it comes to catching, pitching, or hitting.  

Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League follows the traditions established by Sega Genesis classic pieces. It offers you to take part in a pretty savage version of good old American football: the rules will be changed beyond recognition by teams, consisting of mutant creatures like zombies, aliens, and demons, amongst others. The “Dirty Tricks” feature, one of many game’s peculiarities, which can be easily turned on or off according to player’s wish, will provide an opportunity to fights opponents beyond usual game rules: use various weapons or bribe a referee – the choice is yours.

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