5 Amazing Foreplay Apps to Spice Things Up in Your Bedroom


Not an intimacy killer anymore, for playing applications turn your mobile into your favorite sex toy. 

It’s better (and easier) than ever to control the vibrator, let you talk dirty, explore each other’s bodies, and much more, after downloading apps on your phone. 

Here are the 5 foreplay apps and sex game applications we suggest to make your sex life even more effective:

Dirty Game – Hot Truth or Dare

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Either you’re into innocent or X-rated, any appetite, including the classical, the erotic, the flirting, the icebreaker, foreplay, and sex, can be used. The real questions like “share a fun fantasy in that you never told anybody” are a perfect way to get used to talking dirty and engaging with your girlfriend (s). Dares, like “spank another player’s butt,” will quickly help you get started. 

This app is perfect for partners as it spans the whole sexual range, from touch to penetration. It is also possible to use group mode, suitable for groups, threesomes, and others.



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Kindu is like Tinder for couples who can try new stuff.

After both, you build an account (do not panic, it remains private) and pair your partner, you and your partner make about a hundred naughty ideas you might like, dislike and maybe say. If both of you say yes, this is a contest. You can also put your own thoughts on the deck. 

This preview app is a perfect way for partners to express their sexual preferences openly with each other. 



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OhMiBod is an application for couples connecting a number of vibrators to help your lover get in touch with you. OhMiBod can also help long-distance partners remain physical even though they are situated on different continents, as it operates over Bluetooth and WiFi. 

You can select from five modes: rhythm, touch, tap, wave, and voice. All uniquely activate the vibrator. For instance, in Tap mode, you can set a vibrational program by tapping your finger on the screen. Wave mode increases or decreases the vibration rate depending on the handset orientation. 

Additionally, if that is your objective, the app has a log to monitor your orgasms. Why not aspire to beat your record if you are looking for a fun challenge?



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Desire is a casual sex game for lovers who compete with their partners in endless games. Users are able to submit thousands of “dares,” which are submitted regularly, from the sex game app’s database or write their own dares. Ideal for active, game-loving partners! 

You earn a certain amount of points if your companion accepts and ends your audacity. If you gain enough points, you can open up new levels and sexy tasks, and the same goes for you! 

Couples can also send their personal messages via the app and hold a journal together to capture loving experiences and document the struggles they have enjoyed most.



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As its title implies, iKamasutra is a sex position application that lets someone who downloads the various positions detailed in The Kama Sutra, the famous ancient Indian Text. 

Users will find the 110 most popular Kama Sutra positions — over 230 in-app transactions are available — in nine multiple areas and have access to calming sitar music for a mood, for the really low cost of $2.99. Moreover, you will be able to save the places you like and monitor your Kama Sutra mastering over time. 

And users can also lookup hot sex scenes from famous sex films to learn how to reproduce them. We’re not so sure what that’s all about old Indian sex movements, but it’s hot who cares.

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