3 Online Games To Play With Your Friends and Family During Quarantine


The ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 and the necessity to stay at home have drastically affected our plans. However, the fact that we can’t see our friends and relatives in person doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun with them. There’s still this great option to play games together! Even though we have to opt for the online versions at the moment.

Whatever your preferences are when it comes to games, for example, you might like party games, or board games, etc., there’s probably an online option for you. Social distancing really made such things high-demand. You can even watch something together with other people using extensions like Netflix Party and some other similar apps.

We have collected the best options for spending time with your loved ones playing fun games, so you could choose something that is best for you. Enjoy!


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Jackbox Games are probably one of the best options for online gaming. There are several games in each pack, and their rules are very easy, but this doesn’t make those games dull, quite the opposite, actually! To play with people who don’t live in the same house, you can stream or just share your screen with a group of people. The players only need their phone to play; they will get the tasks or submit their answers through their phone’s browser.

How to play Jackbox

Somebody buys one (or more, it’s up to you) of Jackbox Party Packs (there are 6 different ones), or you can also buy the games individually, on Steam. There are 5 games in each Party Pack, and normally, the price of one pack is $25, but if there’s a sale, you can purchase one for just $12. You can also find these games for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Apple TV, etc.


Then just start a video call, and the person who bought the games should share their screen for everyone to see what it says. To play together using phones, people will have to enter a room code on the site Jackbox.tv.

There are all sorts of games in those packs: you will draw, answer the questions, make jokes, try to guess some information, etc. All games have simple rules, which are explained once you choose a game. We strongly recommend you check them out because those games are lots of fun!

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